Village Leadership Academy

  • IL


800 S.Wells Street
Suite 90
United States

About Us

Village Leadership Academy (VLA) is a K-8th grade school located in Chicago, IL, that offers an innovative approach to teaching and learning that includes high academic standards, culturally-responsive classrooms, exposure to world history and geography, appreciation for cultural differences, the development of critical thinking and perspective-taking skills, and socially-just decision making.  VLA students are engaged in the deep exploration of relevant high interest content in math, science, reading, language arts, social science, physical development, health awareness, fine arts, world languages (Spanish), social emotional development, technology and leadership development.  Academic content is clearly explained, illustrated, modeled, reinforced and mastered with structured, guided and independent practice grounded in real world experiences that help our students develop and expand their knowledge, skills, productive habits and critical intellect. The academy guides students in realizing their potential for academic excellence and supports them in gaining the skills necessary to transform and advance their community, nation, and world.  Village Leadership Academy’s goal is to prepare tomorrow’s world leaders today.