MIR Charities (Fundación MIR)

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La Romana

Dominican Republic

About Us

MIR (Mission International Rescue) Charities is a non-profit organization that works to supply the Dominican Republic’s most marginalized people with a variety of life-altering services. Since 1990, we have served the women, youth and children of La Romana and the Eastern region of the Dominican Republic by partnering with and providing funding for social programs. With the help of benefactors and individual contributions, the programs provide a home, medical assistance, education and technical preparation for the people that are most in need in our community.

In partnership with the Dominican government MIR supports three schools in the La Romana area:

Politecnico Fundacion MIR (School for Girls): founded in 1998 and run in collaboration with the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation, provides education for girls from 5th through 12th grades. During the final two years, students receive vocational training in bookkeeping, hospitality, nursing and culinary arts. Currently over 700 girls are enrolled in the school, which has a graduation rate of 95%. This school plays a crucial role in a country where the likelihood of attending school past fifth grade is less than 40%. Hundreds of young ladies have graduated since the school’s inauguration in 1998.

Politecnico MIR Esperanza (School for Boys): founded in 1998, this school focuses on providing valuable professional information to children and adolescents in an effort to fight against poverty and to stimulate the development of rural areas in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic. A specialized academic curriculum was designed so that opportunities of development are created from 5th through 12th grades. At the present time 300 students are enrolled in the school and have the opportunity to complete Technical Degrees in Refrigeration, electricity, mechanical engineering and culinary arts. Our School inhibits the exodus of rural youth to bigger cities; a practice, which creates additional tension to other urban areas, where as the values and the traditions of the bases of the rural communities disappear.

MIR Elementary School: located on the Politecnico MIR Esperanza campus, the MIR Elementary School opened its doors in 2010.  This is a co-ed program where children begin in Kindergarten, and graduate in 4thgrade.  The construction and maintenance of this school is possible thanks to the annual contributions made by Alfonso Fierro and family.