The Branches of the Vine

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About Us

Expertise / Specialties

1. Open Doors Building Relationships: In Ghana, West Africa the door to a continent improving & changing lives

2. Marketing & Selling: Create impactful & effective fundraising campaigns and programs responding to a cause

3. First Fruit Companies: Corporate Outreach to a Global Community

4. Social Infrastructure: Health Services, Training, Clean Water, Building Schools, Churches, Sanitation Facilities

5. Outreach Teams: Organizing and sponsoring value added teams to 3rd world countries


1. Live & make a contribution in a globally community: Outreach making a difference in remote 3rd world rural villages with a heart for mission and a commitment to serve God.

2. 3rd World Country Development: Forging stronger ties between countries

3. Creating a Shared Vision: Where ‘Doctrine Divides, Service Unites’, Being a voice of leadership; inspiring and influencing bring different groups and people together focused on a goal and action plan … producing results …

4. Responding to a Need: As our world becomes smaller develop programs and go, teach & training and do …

5. Hand-on field work: That contribute to better living conditions for people in need

Major Products / Programs

1. Medical Initiative: Medical & Dental outreach, dispensing medicines, clean water, counseling (hygiene issues), treated mosquito nets, medical supplies and assisting the state gathering data

2. Education Initiative: Preparing people for the work place, Brick & Mortar projects building first step structures; schools, churches, sanitation facilities; Provisions of teaching and student supplies, crop development

3. Training: Seminaries & Conferences – Biblical, Prayer, Leadership, Medical, Traditional Birth Attendants (Mid-Wives)

4. Prison Ministry: Provision of Bibles in different dialects & blankets that protect a prisoner from the elements

5. Outreach Teams: Amazing journeys, real world experience bridging cultures focused on a commitment with a common purpose bonding people together across geographical and denominational boundary lines