The Citizens Campaign, Inc.

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About Us

The Citizens Campaign is a community of problem solvers – government law and policy experts, business people, citizen journalists, civic leaders, students, teachers, parents, artists, entrepreneurs and more – dedicated to empowering citizens through civic leadership training in innovative problem solving to meet today’s challenges and provide an alternative to dysfunctional politics. Our mission is to catalyze a cultural shift from a structure based on who has the power to who has the best solutions. Our work is guided by four core principles: we teach citizens to address common-purpose issues; develop evidence-based solutions; utilize our successful no-blame approach; and produce cost-effective results. 

Learn the rules. Know your power. Build civic trust. Change the game.

The Citizens Campaign is dedicated to repairing our democracy from the bottom up by training citizens in no blame politics and evidence-based problem solving so they can get results without waiting for the political establishment.