All Saints' Episcopal Church

  • IL


4550 N Hermitage Ave
United States

About Us

All Saints' Episcopal Church is an organization that celebrates diversity - both among ourselves and the world we live in. We range in age from newborn to 90, with an average age around 38. A few of us have attended All Saints' since childhood, and have raised our own children here. Many others are new to the city or the neighborhood and are just beginning to feel at home at All Saints'. Everyone is welcome at All Saints'.

Many parishioners were not raised in the Episcopal tradition. Indeed, many of us did not attend church at all as children and are surprised to find ourselves encountering God through an institutional church. We turn up each week embued both with skepticisim and with hope, knowing that what we will find at All Saints' will be honest and provocative. Services and sermons are rooted both in tradition and in the real world, the spirit is joyful and fun and the congregation is warm and welcoming.

All Saints' unique spirit also extends into the surrounding neighborhood through our commitment to helping others. We currently donate one-third (and we're aiming for half) of our operating budget to outreach. 'Our Just Neighbors' food distribution and meal service program, run by Ravenswood Community Services, is also funded in part by private donations and other Episcopal parishes. Every Tuesday evening parishioners and volunteers prepare dinner and groceries for 125 hungry neighbors, and distribute bags of groceries to another 300+ hungry neighbors. Along the way they join the conversations and lives of those who come seeking connection and support, as well as food.

All Saints' is truly a rising church, and we hope that you will join us as we continue to grow in grace, spirtuality and community involvement.