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About Us

English Speaking Course (ESC) is an adult learning centre based in Nu Po refugee Camp, Thailand, with the aim of improving the language skills and confidence of refugees who are getting ready for resettlement or for a position within their current community or in their home country if and when they return.

There are a variety of levels at our program, ranging from beginner and starter to upper-intermediate and advanced and in between.

Classes are each day of the working week, and last an hour. A typical week has four days of lessons and a Friday with an exam or quiz. Teachers usually create extra classes in the weekend with topics like Spanish, Economy, Yoga, Reading and special Writing classes. We encourage the teachers to introduce their own special classes.

We have sessions of three months and we want our volunteers to sign up for 3 months or more and many volunteers stay longer or return for more teaching later. Our team consists of three local teachers, a Thai teacher and during the day local teachers take care of the school office where we have a computer, a printer and our library. It is also where we have our teaching materials.

We offer a small stipend which for most teachers was sufficient to pay for food. The camp has a selection of Burmese teashops and small restaurants and on occasion students will invite teachers at their houses for tea or food. We also have a small kitchen area at the school.

We do offer a place to stay with bedding and mosquito netting and we provide materials needed for teaching. We now have a large collection of text books, and the opportunity to get resources from the internet.

The camp is located an hour an a half from the nearest little town and 6 hours from Mae Sot which is the regional centre and the place where visas can be extended or renewed. (not for all visas, ask for details if you do have serious plans)

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