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About Us


  • Expanding Access to healthcare while empowering students and volunteers to engage directly in global health and development.


  • The people we serve have the promise of healthy futures and our volunteers carry with them a spirit of humanitarianism and global awareness in their everyday lives.

Main Objectives

  • To provide direct medical assistance and healthcare services to low-income communities in the developing world through short-term medical brigades
  • To strengthen our partner organizations by providing them with the financial, medical, in-kind, and human resources required to build their capacity and strengthen their missions, outreach, and impact
  • To foster global awareness and humanitarian values in our students and volunteers by empowering them to actively engage in global development

Guiding Principles

  • Work in partnership with our International and Local Partner Organizations, always maintaining a spirit of dialog and understanding.
  • Seek to increase the sustainability and strengthen the impact of our in-country programming, and support the local initiatives of our partner organizations.
  • Empower volunteers to use their energy and compassion to address global development challenges, and cultivate within them a spirit of humanitarianism and global awareness.
  • Ensure that our health programming and medical brigades are operated in a responsible, efficient and effective manner. This includes the utilization of data-driven, benchmarked evaluation strategies to guide our work.
  • Support the missions of like-minded organizations, rather than attempting to create our own.


  • Timmy Global Health was founded in 1997 by Dr. Charles Dietzen (Dr. Chuck), an Indianapolis-based pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist.
  • After working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta in 1996, Dr. Chuck was inspired to broaden his commitment to serving children in an international setting and empower others to do the same.
  • The foundation was named for Timmy, Dr. Chuck's older brother who passed away during infancy. The name is a tribute to both his family and children everywhere who all deserve the right to healthy futures.