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About Us

The Free Agency is a non-profit corporation which exists to provide at-risk youth, emerging professionals, and students of the Arts with the tools and resources necessary for accessing their career goals as entrepreneurs while also fostering a love for community service. The Free Agency provides at-risk youth and those able to responsibly influence them with opportunities for continued social and professional development.

Who we are: The Free Agency's Board of Directors is comprised of a group of dedicated professionals and philanthropists from different walks of life who share a similar passion. This passion being one which compels us to take action where civic need is identified, especially those needs arising amongst our youth.

What we do: With the help of committed volunteers and our generous donors, we initiate the "bi-generational", common-sense approach to mend century-old problems that have divided parent from child, and family from community. We feel, no television show nor radio program can have greater influence over a child than the impact they experience through genuine encounters with real people who care about their well-being and success.

How we do it: By engaging youth in activities which they have strong interest in, activities which also bear significant social influence and importance such as sports, entertainment, and the arts, it gives us the leverage to introduce lessons of greater moral and civic value. Thereby, providing youth with the tools needed to balance their desire for personal achievement, with the need for civic responsibility and accountability. You can learn more about The Free Agency, Inc by visiting our website. There you'll find interesting news about our three core initiatives, REDLine SVC, Artistic Entrepreneurial Workshop (AEW), and The VIPExperience. On behalf of our entire Board of Directors, volunteer staff, sponsors, and supporters, I'd like to say thank you for your time and commitment to doing something positive.