World Future Society

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About Us

We believe in uniting the architects of the future and we exist to ignite the futurist in everyone. 

The World Future Society is the world’s premier community of future-minded citizens. A 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1966, the organization is driven by three critical objectives;

1) Uniting people passionate about building their desired futures through an ecosystem of members, chapters and partners. 
2) Advocating to bring to public awareness the world's major challenges. We ignite the futurist mindset in those who no longer want to be bystanders. 
3) Building global labs where futurists of all types are able to produce solutions, that are not solely reactive to the present, but to architect new systems that make the broken ones obsolete.

Our membership is made up of futurists of all types; entrepreneurs, executives, forecasters, economists, scientists, students, parents, and conscious citizens. We are united by our shared desire to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

The future is yours to build.