Transparency and Accountability Initiative

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About Us

The Transparency and Accountability field is one of the fastest growing public movements of recent years. The International Budget Partnership, Transparency International, Revenue Watch Institute, Global Witness, the nascent aid transparency movement and many other leading civil society organisations have laid the groundwork. There is now a huge potential to make ambitious, concrete gains in the next decade by bringing together the different strands of what has emerged as a thriving movement of transparency and accountability initiatives worldwide.

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative is a donor collaborative of the largest private and public funders of civil society efforts to promote transparent and accountable government globally. The collaborative is action orientated and operational. It aims to seize the current momentum for open government and expand the impact and scale of efforts worldwide by identifying and building on opportunities for collective action by T/AI members.

T/AI brings together like-minded donors around policy priorities identified as turning points in the transparency and accountability movement, enables foundations to support policy innovations within other donors and encourages funders and practitioners to learn from their successes and failures to generate greater impact at scale.

T/AI’s focus is on scale and results-driven impact in three areas or workstreams: (1) shaping policy and programming in key transparency and accountability fields (with a focus on the open government partnership, natural resource governance, budget transparency and climate change T/A); (2) harnessing the potential of web and mobile technologies throughout the transparency (3) drive learning on where, when and how initiatives succeed or fail to inform more effective interventions. Please see the T/AI website for more details.

T/AI’s audience are civil society organisations that are driving innovations in the T/A field and the donors committed to supporting these efforts. The Initiative was created by a group of global, private and government funders committed to strengthening democracy and development through empowering people to hold their governing institutions to account: Ford Foundation, Hivos, International Budget Partnership, Omidyar Network, Open Society Foundations, Revenue Watch Institute, United Kingdom Department for International Development and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. It is co-chaired by OSF and DFID. The T/AI steering committee is composed of directors of all member funders and is responsible for overseeing the growth and strategic direction of the initiative. Steering committee members take an active role in T/AI and are directly engaged in a number of working groups, each overseeing T/AI workstreams. T/AI benefits from in-kind support from its members. The program director leads all three T/AI workstreams in consultation and collaboration with the T/AI steering committee.