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About Us

Akshar Arambha Nepal-AAN is legally registered (165224/073/074) nongovernmental organization (NGO) under the institution enrollment act of Nepal. It is the national organization to promote inclusive education for children with disabilities through campaign, advocacy, lobby and networking with the common interest groups in Nepal. We support mainstream schools, train teachers and school management, support in ramp and accessible toilet, excessive devices for persons with disabilities to promote mobility right of persons with disability etc.


To see all children with disabilities going to school hand-in-hand with non-disabled children and singing a song of education for all.


We help to create open access in mainstream schools and society as well. We motivate disabled children to go to school and encourage their parents, society’s people, local stakeholders to policy level to ensure disabled children’s education for literate society and the literate nation.


1) Institutional sustainability of AAN

2) Adequate legal provisions, policies, laws to address inclusive education for children with disabilities

3) Availability and mobilization of adequate resource (human, technology, knowledge, skills, finance and information) for the effective implementation of inclusive and disability related provisions, laws and policies.

4) Meaningful participation of persons with disabilities in classroom and teaching learning process of academic and extracurricular activities of the whole school environment.

5) Sensitive and responsible mainstream school and relevant stakeholders towards the education rights, issues and needs of persons with disabilities.

6) Institutionalize of the Rights based Approach of Disability in community level.