Alger Community Food Pantry

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DHHS 413 Maple St, Ste 3
United States

About Us

The Alger Community Food Pantry seeks to assist individuals and families in the Alger Community who are in need of food. We promote a needs based philosphy rather than an entitlement base approach given our limite resources. The Alger Community Food Pantry strives to help feed people in the smartest and best way we can with our limited resources by: targeting the people most in need; helping people when thear are most in need; giving people what they will use (with nutritional emphasis) by allowing choice; keeping fairness in distribution (lst to ask gets the same as first to ask); assisting people in a discreet and confidential manner; assuring the we have ample stock to help people sufficiently when the come in for help; and maintaining integirty, quality and accountability to our donors and supporters.