Vista Ventures Social Impact Fund

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4884 E Alder Drive
San Diego
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About Us

We are a tax exempt non-profit that provides education and financial support to social entrepreneurs in developing countries in Africa, South Asia and Latin America. We bridge the gap to the first investment capital raised by early stage for-profit social enterprises from angel investors, funds and other sources of commercial capital. Because of the challenges and new business models encountered in developing countries, the process of raising capital often requires more time, complexity and expense. In addition to our advice, we assist social entrepreneurs to validate the business model, recruit additional members of the management team, close initial sales with key customers, and/or reach agreement with lead investors. As a small organization, we accomplish these tasks using only experienced volunteers so every dollar raised goes toward assistance to social entrepreneurs. The end result is sustainable progress toward alleviating poverty and climate change as well as increasing agricultural productivity among the people who need it most.