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About Us

"Divide and command is a clever maxim; better unite and guide, so wisE." -JWVonG

CommonWeal, a philanthropic un-organization, cultivates the power in voluntary bodies or small groups to create meaningful, equitable and harmonious social change. To reinvigorate under-served communities, cWEc enshrines a nonpareil, inter-reliant fiscal framework.

The collective reinvention of well-being for all Life is a jigsaw puzzle forged by a) self expression, autonomy, and personal credibility. b) sincere recognition and appreciation of each one's unique potential, needs and preciousness and c) a synthesis of synergy in mutual trust. Common Weal works to enhance individual creativity and shared learning, the keys to personal, group and societal transformations.

cWEc religiously deifies resource conservation and Life-centric, systems-oriented technologies. With nature's sustainability principles as the ethical guide, cWEc aligns with ecological integrity by enriching educational infrastructure. We believe that economic sustainability to augment livelihoods locally is influenced by public policy, lifestyle choices and in fostering micro financing via private-public-enterprises.

CommonWeal inspires the privileged few in choosing to serve the destitute --marginalized, underprivileged and deprived. cWEc facilitates residential voluntarism as a means to bridge gaping disparities and inequities. And offers a comprehensive forum for dialogue and research on perspectives, possibilities and barriers. We value peer relationships irrespective of caste, language, creed, nationalities, color, sexual orientation, degrees, titles, class, status, bank balance, faith or tradition.

CommonWeal cherishes informal, non-exclusive cross-cultural exchanges free from political affiliations.