Movement and Action for Social Services

About Us

“The Faith, Motto and the Strength of our MASS is to enhance and improve the quality of Human Development, Human Right, Human Values, Human Behavior and be the part of our Mother Nature, always…….. Forever”

Movement and Action for Social Services (MASS) is a non-profitable social organization, whose objectives include, in brief, to corporate for the development of Human being at National and International level. The devotion and overall material of MASS is based on the ideas, ideology and views of Shri Rajeev Kumar, who was born at New Delhi on November 25, 1975. Shri Rajeev Kumar is an educationist, socialist and philosopher.

For the centuries, we were divided in different religions, castes and creeds and we have been exploiting our own brothers and sisters, the color based policy of the world and the caste system in our own country are the visible examples of the existing system, where the “sudras” and “aadivassi” had been exploited in the past which needs special attention of administrators, even this system is allegedly continued during the modern Era. Such incidents of exploitation occurs occasionally against old persons, handicapped persons, females, which are often highlighted by the media also. This is an issue of grave concern.

We should not put persons one after one but we should put them together with shoulders to shoulders to bring them in main stream of our society.

MASS is fully devoted to the positive development of the community.