Freedom Ranch

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4020 University DR
STE 300
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About Us

The Mission of Freedom Ranch is to meet the emerging needs of our Veterans & Wounded Warriors through Restoration, Engagement, Assistance, and Preparation (REAP) model. Where upon as our guest we will partner with those who have honorably served and are in the 18-36 month transitional phase from warrior to civilian yet find himself or herself in need of a respite because of an emotional wall they have run up against. Many are left to struggle in silence because the transitional assistance they received was either inadequate or non-existent leaving them without the appropriate resources and or coping skills essential for a successful and sustainable future. Freedom Ranch will provide our Veterans & Wounded Warriors a safe and secure place of solitude that fosters camaraderie, solidarity, and wholeness. Together, as a team, Freedom Ranch will enable our guest to REAP a harvest of life restored, relationships renewed, hope, and a limitless future. By providing them with the knowledge, resources, and skill sets for a successful and sustainable life through, transformational life coaching, mentorship, equine therapy, group activities, outings, organized sports, and warrior-to-warrior campfires. Our function shall be:

a. To provide for the rehabilitation and general well being of our wounded members and former members of the American Military Services (hereinafter referred to as "Wounded Warriors"),

b. To provide a conduit to enable Wounded Warriors to make and sustain the transition to civilian life,

c. To provide rehabilitative assistance needed for Wounded Warriors to make and sustain the transition and empower them by meeting their physical, mental, and emotional needs.

d. To provide a safe and secure environment that will allow Wounded Warriors to reduce stress, rehabilitate, and maintain the shift back to civilian life,

e. To educate and equip Wounded Warriors with the tools needed to make a successful change,

f. To provide a community-based wounded warrior transitional residential care and rehabilitative services facility to all status of Wounded Warriors,

g. To provide Wounded Warriors with hope,

h. To provide a positive atmosphere and peaceful surroundings to enable Wounded Warriors to experience and develop a life filled with Friendship, Joy, Peace, Serenity, Compassion, Grace, Mercy, Authenticity, Quietude, and Self-control.