Everyday Blessings Cooperative Adoptions

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About Us

Everyday Blessings is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), licensed child placing agency founded with the purpose of ensuring stability and permanency not only in the lives of children whose birth parent(s) recognize their inability to care for them, but also for children who have been permanently removed from their families due to neglect/abuse issues - who otherwise would likely spend their childhood in the unstable, impermanent and often unsafe foster care system.

The goal of Everyday Blessings is to bridge the chasm that exists between birth parents who are unable/unwilling to parent their child(ren), children who need safe, stable and permanent homes and qualified adoptive families who may not be able to afford the often exorbitant up-front costs of adoption.

Every child deserves a safe, stable, permanent home and a family to call his/her own!