University of Wales, Aberystwyth--Department of International Politics

About Us

Why Aberystwyth? The Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth is the world's first and, with over 30 members of academic staff, the largest of its kind in Europe. The Department is known for its world class research, having achieved the coveted 5*A rating in the current UK-wide research assessment exercise; it is also known for an excellent standard of teaching that is aimed at preparing future leaders in the academic, public, and non-profit sectors. Students from over 41 countries enjoy a stimulating exchange of ideas with an internationally recognised faculty, which boasts three fellows of the British Academy and several other award winning scholars, as they address the most pressing problems of contemporary international affairs. Areas of expertise and specialisation include:

Humanitarianism Global Citizenship and Justice Ethics of War and Peace Health and International Relations Privitisation of Security Global Ethics Politics of State-building

Degrees Offered The Department is home to a vibrant graduate community of some 160 students. Twenty places at the PhD level are offered each year and approximately 80 places are available at the Masters level on the following one-year degree programmes:

International Politics Security and Citizenship Postcolonial Politics Critical Security Studies Terrorism and Political Violence Intelligence Studies Strategic Studies International History European Politics

Teaching at the Masters level is done exclusively in small semianr groups in order to ensure close interaction between students and teaching staff.

All PhD students in the Department are provided with office space as well as a networked computer. Most enjoy the opportunity to teach at the undergraduate level. PhD students are also provided with an exceptional standard of supervision, with students being expected to meet with their supervisors every two weeks.

Students at all levels benefit from world class library facilities as the National Library of Wales, one of five copyright libraries in the UK, is immediately adjacent to the University campus.

Funding Awards The Department offers an array of scholarships, some of which are open to non-UK/EU nationals. At the Masters level at least 10 scholarships for the amount of GBP £1000/USD $1880 will be offered for the 2007/08 academic session. Applicants for the PhD programme are eligible to apply for ESRC studentships, provided they hold UK/EU citizenship. Non-UK/EU nationals are eligible for the Department’s E.H. Carr scholarships as well as Overseas Research Studentships (ORS) offered by the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. All awards are made on the basis of merit to applicants who demonstrate outstanding potential at the graduate level.