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About Us

  • Mission & Vision:
    • Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote - Michigan is a nonpartisan nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that serves the Asian Pacific Islander American community through civic participation, advocacy, and education.
    • Our vision statement reads: “Asian & Pacific Islander American Vote - Michigan envisions an empowered Asian & Pacific Islander American people who are fully engaged in addressing issues in our community to make positive change.”
  • APIAVote – Michigan began as an outgrowth of an ad hoc group that organized in 2006 to inform Asian American voters about affirmative action and the harms of Proposal 2. Our work has begun to fill a clear gap in Michigan. No other organization in the state is directly led by Asian Americans from across the ethnic, religious, and class spectrum to empower community members by building a political voice in order to advance social justice.
  • We have a strong and growing presence in the pan-Asian American community in Michigan due to our strong partnerships and collaborations with community-based organizations in the Asian American community and civic engagement nonprofits and our track record of success in Asian American grassroots civic participation and awareness building.
  • History:
    • In 2007, APIAVote – Michigan began as an outgrowth of an ad hoc group of Asian American individuals and organizations that organized to inform Asian American voters about affirmative action and the harms of Proposal 2 in 2006.
    • In 2008, our first full year of electoral activity, we registered almost 1000 voters; collected more than 800 surveys; sent over 10,000 Get Out The Vote mail pieces to APIA voters; and called more than 2000 APIA voters to remind them to vote. We held four voter education events and mobilized more than 100 Election Day volunteers.
    • In 2010, APIAVote-Michigan served as a community partner of the U.S. Census Bureau and worked with American Citizens or Justice on a successful joint Census Project to increase our community’s decennial Census participation rate. The project reached over 9,500 members of the APIA community. We launched our Youth Leadership Corps and registered 469 voters and called 2337 Asian American voters to mobilize them out to the polls. We held two successful nonpartisan candidate forums and worked with ACCESS and local clerks to provide translated voter information Q&A about registering and voting.
    • In 2011, we conducted a redistricting advocacy project to ensure that the growth of the Asian American community was recognized throughout the process of redrawing district lines. We hosted the New American Leaders Project Ready to Lead training for immigrants and children of immigrants who want to run for office. We also started the immigration stories project and community needs assessment project!