The 4th Street Food Co-op

  • NY


58 East 4th Street
New York
United States

About Us

We are a cooperatively owned, member-run grocery store in NYC. Our motto is: Food For People, Not For Profit”.

Our mission includes: 1. To provide quality food and products at low cost to the community through a range of discounts. 2. To encourage active control over resources and foods supply. 3. To operate & manage our food store via a pure cooperative model, with all decision-making, work and policy made by the members; to reach consensus on decisions whenever possible.

Other core principles: – Vegetarian products – Local suppliers – Fair trade – Support of raw & vegan diets – Purchasing from companies that are committed to organic ideals, who focus soley on food, and do not have business ties that could compromise their ability to fully share in our other principles.