HFC "Hope For Children" UNCRC Policy Centre

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About Us


The vision of HFC-UNCRCPC is to contribute to the protection and promotion of rights of the child and to support the active participation of youth in society. Raise awareness within the Cypriot community on the suffering of disadvantaged children. The needs of enclaved children in the occupied territories of Cyprus are given particular attention.


Mission Statement

HFC-UNCRC Policy Center aims to advocate and to protect children’s rights based on the standards and principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and European Union Law. The protection of children’s rights holds a special place in international conventions. HFC-UNCRCPC’s doors are open to all children regardless of religious and cultural background. HFC-UNCRCPC also aims to improve the quality of life of socially disadvantaged children, such as asylum seekers, refugees and enclaved children in Cyprus as well as those in war-torn areas. Through education and social mobilization, HFC-UNCRCPC will work on raising awareness and promoting respect towards all cultures, religions and diversity in the Cypriot society.