The Partnership for Working Families

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1305 Franklin Street
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About Us

The Partnership for Working Families is dedicated to building power and reshaping the economy and urban environment for workers and communities.

We work to ensure that low and middle income workers and communities inform the process and share in the benefits of economic growth and development in our new economy, emphasizing the creation of high quality jobs, affordable housing, environmental health, and career pipelines for shared prosperity.

We provide a successful organizing model, a field of expert practitioners, and hands-on research and technical assistance to a growing and energized base of affiliates. Our current base of 17 established partners, augmented by more than a dozen emerging organizations and coalitions, is redesigning the way that communities engage in decision-making, development, and the U.S political-economy.

Most importantly, we are cultivating a new generation of leaders that connects strategic worker and community organizing and cutting edge public policy to the building of an energized power base in key metropolitan areas nationwide.

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