Pinyin Youth Organisation for Rural Development

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About Us

The Pinyin Youth Organisation for Rural Development (PYORD) is a NONPROFIT MAKING ORGANISATION formed in 1968 in PINYIN, in the North West Province of CAMEROON, for the main purpose of developing the Pinyin MAN and his ENVIRONMENT through the Pinyin Youths who volunteer to be Members.

Fighting Rural Poverty in Pinyin is PYORD's policy and approach to Rural Development and Sustainable natural resource management in Pinyin.

In developing the Pinyin Man, PYORD tries to disseminate programs that foster quality EDUCATION, provision of good HEALTH FACILITIES (not living out HIV/AIDS programs), Social and intellectual development of the people.

While nurturing the youths' capacity to think skilfully and critically for a productive live, we also try to deepen their commitment to prosocial values such as personal responsibility, team building, participation in extra-curricular activities and respect for a fellow human.
The Pinyin Culture is not left out of our plan of action, as we have traditional dance competitions organised at least once every year during the PYORD week that holds every summer in Pinyin. This we believe contributes in the intellectual development of the People.

Looking at Environmental Degradation as both a cause and consequence of Poverty, PYORD is not relenting its effort in arranging for good farming techniques and replacing the water draining EUCALYPTUS Tree with other good species of trees.

There are voluntering opportunities for volunteers who can help PYORD in any of it objectives either by writing projects, research data, build web sites, mentor young people, volunteering in any of our local health centres and engage in many other projects to benefit our Oganisation.
We are however ready to provide accommodation and some other benefits for all our volunteers. Many volunteers have come stayed and enjoyed the Pinyin environ, as they say the Pinyin people are very welcoming. Some have arrange for their friends to replace them as they go bakt to their countries.
Feel free to apply as there many opportunities to be offered.


Yours sincerely

Project Coordinator