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About Us

A Vital Mission

KnowledgeBeat serves impoverished children in rural Zambia through novel and sustainable educational programs on HIV/AIDS, environmental health, and youth empowerment.

An Influential Vision

Knowledge is a sustainable resource. It is transferable, recyclable and additive. We capitalize on knowledge to address the root causes of poverty through better health and environmental practices, and through the empowerment of young people. We envision a Zambia where HIV/AIDS is a thing of the past, people utilize natural resources sustainably, and girls have equal opportunities to boys.KnowledgeBeat’s long-term vision is to cultivate positive systemic change in the way that young Zambians approach their future. By improving the methods with which knowledge is accessed, valued, and distributed, KnowledgeBeat enables communities to become stronger and more self-reliant.

How We Deliver

KnowledgeBeat’s global team implements community-driven programs — in partnership with government agencies and local leaders — which provide skill-building opportunities that help create a foundation for success.

KnowledgeCamps are our primary vehicle for delivering educational information on HIV/AIDS, environmental health, and youth empowerment. Our innovative camp model incorporates creative and team-building exercises into the curriculum to foster critical-thinking and leadership skills. The camp environment creates an accelerated learning space for students to transcend daily barriers and re-imagine their role in society.

KnowledgeScholarships provide full and partial scholarships to high performing students in order to attend high school. Scholarships act as pillars of support that motivate students to pursue their dreams, and provide life-changing opportunities to emerging leaders.