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About Us

Vitalize 360 is a coaching and assessment process for older adults that uses art and science to promote optimal wellness for successful aging. The program combines an award-winning , innovative, person-directed approach to wellness coaching with the power of information derived from a scientifically-grounded assessment system. Our mission is to engage, challenge and inspire older adults to live a full, healthy, vibrant life and enable communities to demonstrate appreciable improvement in successful aging.

Vitalize 360 is a joint venture between two not-for-profits: Kendal Outreach, LLC, a subsidiary of Kendal, a system of communities and services for older adults; and Hebrew SeniorLife, a Harvard Medical School affiliate.

Goals of Vitalize 360 include:

  • Coaching older adults to develop a personalized Vitality Plan and supporting them in living their best life.
  • Facilitating the development of communities that use data continuously to improve health and wellness outcomes, wellness program operations, strategic planning, and quality improvement.
  • Developing a collaborative model of data sharing that includes health and wellness outcomes and program development among communities participating in the program.

The return on investment is discernible improvement in successful aging. Indications for improved successful aging include fewer services needed, less health care utilization, decline in limitations brought on by chronic disease, less movement to higher levels of care, and most importantly living life with greater vitality and satisfaction.