Operation R.E.C.O.N.

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About Us

Operation R.E.C.O.N. Veterans Support Group


A Grateful Nation Remembers has launched an aftercare program, Operation R.E.C.O.N., designed especially for the needs of all that find themselves dealing with an array of thoughts and issues related to their tours-of-duty/military service.

Operation R.E.C.O.N. is an ongoing program structured with curriculum specifically focused on P.T.S.D. issues stemming from the stress and trauma which may/will result from an individual's service to their country; Recognition, Education, Communication, Opportunity and Nation being the fundamental tenets of the organization, with a sub-structure designed for continual care/oversight of each participant.

For more information regarding A Grateful Nation Remembers, please visit http://www.agratefulnationremembers.com.