Veterans Family Fund of America

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About Us

Mission Statement - The Veterans Family Fund of America is dedicated to raising and dispersing funds to improve the lives and futures of Washington State veterans and their families to include areas not covered by government programs.

History - VFFA started with a simple idea and grassroots efforts by a group of concern citizens in November 2007. This pilot program has a unique funding concept: VFFA works through partnering banks and credit unions to offer certificates of deposit and give 100% of half the interest earned to veterans and their families for needs not met by government services.

Geographic area of coverage – Our influence covers Thurston and Pierce Counties in Washington.

Finances - Citizens are given an opportunity to invest in a VFFA-CD and then donate 50% of the interest earned to a special fund. 100% of the donated interest would be used to offer veterans and their families urgently needed financial support that could not be met another way such as a government program or another nonprofit.

There are numerous organizations, governmental and nonprofit, that offer services similar to some of what VFFA will do. The difference is that VFFA can support families in ways that government or other organizations cannot: we can pay to fix a leaky roof, fix a broken washer, or make a car payment. These are practical, tangible, family-care actions that can keep a service member’s family safe and cared for while they are deployed, recuperating, or rebuilding their life after their military service. We have paid the overdue rent that kept a veteran, his wife, and four children in their home and off the street until other support programs could kick in. We have paid the car payment so the spouse could get to work and keep food on the table. In each case, these have been people who have never needed help until special circumstances surrounding their military service arose. The VFFA program is streamlined to provide quick urgent help with no internal bureaucratic red tape.