Victorian Child & Nature Connection

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About Us

The VCNC is a cross-sectoral network with involvement of community leaders from the health, education, environment and community fields. It aims to link up various initiatives within Victoria that promote nature play in order to enhance child health, promote creative play and facilitate connection to the natural world.

With most of our population living in cities and much of their time spent indoors looking at a screen, Australian children have become increasingly alienated from the natural world. They are not only missing out on the joys of nature but this lifestyle is making them sick. By giving children opportunities to play outside and experience nature as an integral part of their lives, we will put them on the path to a healthy and happy future. A future in which our society values and looks after the natural systems that support and sustain all life on earth.

Our vision:

All children in Victoria have every opportunity to experience, love and look after nature

Our Mission:

The Victorian Child and Nature Connection is a catalyst for rebuilding the connection between our children and the natural world.

It works by providing a unique meeting place for collaboration and capacity building and facilitates the sharing of experiences, ideas and knowledge both old and new amongst VCNC members.

Our Core Work:

1) To develop a crucial link - a relationship and digital connection - between the groups and organisations who are interested in promoting the child nature connection for the benefit of our children’s well-being and the re-valuing of nature .This link will enable them to share resources, leverage off one another’s work and enhance communication between disciplines.

2) Increase the knowledge of Victorian families, educators and others involved in the care of children about the crucial role that the natural world plays in the lives of children.

3) Change the attitudes and behaviours of those involved in the care of children such that they provide children with the time and space to play in nature

4) Advocacy on health, education, urban planning and environment highlighting the child and nature connection. This will ensure that natural places are protected for their health giving value as well as their biodiversity and other riches.

5) Promote further research into the benefits of children spending time in nature and the barriers currently in place.