Brown University Health Services - Dept. of Health Promotion

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About Us

Health Education is part of Health Services. We facilitate interactive workshops, offer individual counseling and referrals, and coordinate special events on a wide range of health topics. Topic areas include nutrition, alcohol and other drug use, safer sex, sexually transmitted infections, stress management and general wellness.

  • We facilitate workshops on a variety of health topics or we can offer resources for you to plan your own workshop.
  • We collaborate on several health awareness events like World AIDS Day, Love Your Body Day, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and others.
  • We counsel students who have concerns about alcohol and other drugs, eating disorders, or sexual health questions.
  • We have a variety of condoms and dental dams that students can purchase.
  • We have a library of health books, brochures, videos, and printed materials that are available for you to check out.