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210 East 400 South
Suite 8
Salt Lake City
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About Us

The SLCC Community Writing Center supports, motivates and educates people of all abilities and educational backgrounds who want to use writing for practical needs, civic engagement and personal expression.

The CWC is based on the principles of Education, Community and Collaboration. We challenge the assumptions...

  • that some types of writing are more valuable than others
  • that publication validates a piece of writing
  • that higher education is somehow separate from community education; and
  • that higher educational institutions can know what a community needs or wants without entering into full and mutually-beneficial partnership with that community.

The CWC was founded on the premise that everyone can write with assistance and support from others. Based on the model of student writing centers that most college and universities have on campus to serve student writing needs, the CWC serves the entire Salt Lake metropolitian area community.

Because of a strong commitment to the community, Salt Lake Community College funds the CWC. SLCC values the variety of learning opportunities the CWC provides and is dedicated to providing on-going support for its programs.

These programs include Writing Coaching, Writing Workshops, and the DiverseCity Writing Series. The CWC also partners with local community organizations and governmental agencies to empower their clients, staff and volunteers through writing.

Latest Listings

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Teen Writing Group Mentor (Volunteer Opportunity)

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