Dynamic Learning Center for Tomorrow's Leaders

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121 Gravesend Neck Road
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About Us

DLCTL is a non-denominational Christ-centered after school educational and enrichment program for elementary school children ages 5 through 10.

Our focus is to go beyond the traditional after school programs with the emphasis on:

problem-solving abilities creative thinking skills research skills strengthen individual interests independent study skills - Distinguish between relevant & irrelevant material exercise communication skills (visual, oral, and written) receive intellectual stimulation from contact with other highly motivated students; ( moving the child to interact in different intellectual circles ) expand their learning activities to include resources available in the entire community area provide opportunities that will develop awareness of self and others, personal strengths, and self assessment build social responsibilities based on biblical principles (What is my responsibility towards God & my fellow man)

To reach this goal our specialized curriculum is designed to:

expose students to various topics, areas of interest, and fields of study in which they have an interest or might develop an interest, provide students with the skills and resources necessary to acquire advanced level content and thinking skills, and create opportunities for students to apply their skills to self-selected areas of interest and problems that they want to pursue