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About Us

Thiru Vignarajah is running to be State’s Attorney for Baltimore City. Baltimore, widely known as one of America’s most violent cities, is in dire need of change- a change that starts with progressive crime policy. 

Thiru plans to build the most progressive, transparent prosecutor's office in the history of Baltimore. His plan to cut murders in half in 3 years will serve as a blueprint for violent cities in the rest of the country. The Thiru for Baltimore team works hard to deliver Thiru's message to voters and is looking to add additional individuals who are passionate about criminal justice and progressive causes.

Information on Thiru:

Thiru Vignarajah is the former Deputy Attorney General of Maryland and a Democratic candidate for State’s Attorney for Baltimore City. The son of Baltimore City public school teachers and product of public schools himself, Thiru studied at Yale College and Harvard Law School, where he was president of the Harvard Law Review. He served as law clerk to Justice Stephen Breyer before becoming a federal prosecutor in Maryland and then Chief of Major Investigations, which was responsible for handling the “toughest cases against the city's worst criminals.” When he was named Deputy Attorney General, the police commissioner described him as a “once-in-a-generation lawyer and leader.” Thiru has pledged to both cut murders in half and forge the most progressive prosecutor’s office in American history. To learn more about Thiru for Baltimore, watch our campaign video.