Jehovah child care

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About Us


To mentor God fearing orphans and needy children so that they can be helpful to their community and country


To provide food, education, home and clothing to the orphans and needy children and support the community and country.


  1. To build permanent structures for Nursery, primary and secondary schools where orphans, needy and community children can access the affordable education.
  2. To build a home to provide a safe and better environment for the orphaned children
  3. To develop income generating projects to ensure the sustainability of the organization’s programs
  4. To conduct community outreach programs with the purpose of teaching people about sanitation, poverty, killer diseases, education, health, among others.


  1. Providing school materials to the total orphans and needy children.
  2. Educating the starving orphaned children of Uganda on sponsorship.
  3. Organizing seminars for children, youth and adults on HIV/AIDS and malaria.
  4. Building schools where orphaned children can access affordable education.
  5. Building a home for the total orphans.
  6. Starting income generating projects for sustainability of the organization programs.
Conducting community outreach development programs