Young Jewels Foundation

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About Us

Young Jewels Foundation is a charity based organization whose main objective is to enhance academic performance in remote and rural areas through acts of kindness. We provide mentorship programs (Proudly Precious for the girls child and MANdate for the boy child.), motivational talks, academic materials e.g. trophies and student excellence badges to enhance academic performances in schools. As part of our strategy, the Foundation provides talks on adolescent health, personal hygiene, the use and disposal of sanitary towels, organize sports days and provide sports gears for schools. The Foundation’s strategic plan is to use ICT as a tool to enhance academic performance in addition to the current mentorship programs. However, to reach to the point of introducing ICT in the rural schools, it is inevitable to address the basic needs of the students to ensure increased school retention. The Foundation was begun informally in 2007 by Ms Dinah Muthuka after visiting her rural home and realizing the lack of motivation and determination in education among students and the community at large. The Foundation has since continually supported more than 1500 students around the country with its various products. It was officially registered in 2011in Kenya under the NGO Act.