Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center

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20 Bay Street
PO Box 1990
United States

About Us

The Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center is a non-profit organizatio in Easton, Maryland. The Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center empowers people from different cultures to become successful and engaged members of our community by coordinating services and informational programs. Through education, we strive to breakdown cultural barriers that arise from differences in language, appearance or ethnic traditions. We envision a community that partners to embrace diversity..

Objectives of the Multicultural Resource Center:

1.Be the trusted source of information and referral for the immigrant community. Coordinate delivery of information programs geared toward helping immigrants navigate and integrate within the community.

2.Be a central source of information to service providers about the immigrant community. Assist them in making service delivery more efficient. Collaborate with service providers to innovate solutions to improve services and close gaps.

3.Through an exchange of information expand the capacity of churches and other community organizations interested in serving the immigrant community.

4.Develop and disseminate information about the current and potential impact of immigrants on the community. Promote activities and initiatives that create positive community awareness of the immigrant presence.


  • 21st Century Community Learning Center Afterschool Program at Easton Elementary School.
  • Concurrent parenting skills workshops
  • Educational programs and activities for both adults and youth including: health education, emergency preparedness and safety, parenting, financial literacy, and life skills.
  • Referrals to public and private service providers