Animantia Academy

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About Us

A private international academy founded in 2002 specialized in the study and teaching of Applied Animal Behavior, dedicated to develop a better understanding and a perfect relationship between humans and animals.

Based in Italy, the Academy is represented by dr. Elena Bajona (Founder & President) applied behaviorist and international teacher & trainer and Jason Buckingham (Vice president & Managing director) international exceptional clinician, teaching the finest art of horsemanship in a unique, non googleable, professional way.

The Academy creates a unique professional learning program where high standards of teaching and training are applied with Natural Communication and animal Behavior that provide outstanding results for people and horses.

We held private classes in applied equine behavior based on the study of equine behavior in the natural environment and on the application of the natural man-horse communication that is the key of understanding the very popular “Natural Horsemanship” in today’s horse industry. 
We recuperate horses with behavioral and psychological problems.
We train horses with knowledge, mind and heart.

Any kind of consultancy is available directly at your home.