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About Us

F.I.R.E & I.C.E is a nonprofit organization inspired by the idea that two elements that are vastly different can still work together to accomplish a common goal. Our goal is to positively impact our environment. We seek to evoke change with the understanding that in order to do so, we must first work from within. Our organization exists to set a foundation for the improvement of our youth, our nation, and our world. We achieve this by creating a unique fusion of entertainment and philanthropy. It is our belief that finding enjoyment in charity will motivate our communities to fight for a just cause. We are Funding International Relief by Entertaining and Investing in Charitable Events. Not only do we host a series of events across the nation with a portion of the proceeds being donated to various charities and foundations, but we develop today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders through our Trailblazers programs. Welcome to F.I.R.E & I.C.E!

Our Mission:

F.I.R.E & I.C.E is a non-profit organization which exists to encourage Funding International Relief by Entertaining and Investing in Charitable Events. We seek to evoke change and improvement in the world around us, engaging our communities in humanitarian efforts by creating a unique fusion of charity and entertainment, manifested through our philanthropic events. We promote the development of underserved youth by providing internship and volunteer opportunities across the nation. Engaging in outreach on a global scale, we aid developing nations through mission work while encouraging cultural immersion. We are individuals working together to achieve universal synergy motivating ourselves and others to create positive energy.

Our Vision:

F.I.R.E & I.C.E will be the premiere philanthropic events organization contributing to various causes, creating awareness, and inspiring action by altering the perception of charity. With offices in major cities throughout the nation, we will generate a network of philanthropists and humanitarians through outreach and youth development initiatives. We aspire to provide assistance to those in need, encouraging cultural immersion by engaging ourselves in mission trips and volunteer work in the U.S as well as developing countries.

Our Motto:

Setting the world on F.I.R.E & I.C.E