Visionnaire Association

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About Us

We identify issues, analyze the causes and consequences, diagnose the problem and come up with a solution, TOGETHER, with a community. No one can work alone. We build networks, uniting people for global environmental protection. We involve local inhabitants in their own environmental preservation projects, giving them the tools and technology to protect nature and their own future. Environmental protection is a global issue, and no single government should be responsible for the job. We as citizens have the responsibility to preserve the planet for our children and their children.

The guiding principles of the Visionnaire association are:

  • Protection of the environment and biodiversity of the planet, in all its forms.
  • To contribute to the empowerment and self-determination of indigenous people, and to ensure their legal rights and traditional territories are respected.

The Visionnaire Association's means of action are:

  • The use of innovative technologies, and the adaptation of new technologies to find permanent solutions for environmental problems.
  • Developing education projects related to the use of new technologies, for protection of the environment and indigenous cultures.