Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center, Inc.

Joined in February 2011

About Us

The mission of the Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center is to engage and support America’s veterans residing in and around the Montachusett Region in gaining resources via the Department of Veterans Affairs, state of Massachusetts and United States of America to the best of its abilities.

Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center, Inc. Provides…

I Food Pantry

The Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center food pantry, located at 268 Central Street Gardner, MA, supports veterans and surviving family members/ dependents. The food pantry is a need based program that benefits over 2000 people throughout North Central Massachusetts. The food pantry is open three days a week from 10:00AM to 4:30PM and is overseen by MVOC transitional program clients and volunteers.

II Transitional Programs

The Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center (MVOC) offers two Transitional Care Housing Programs (TCHP), Martha Siccardi Unity House and the 3rd floor SRO, that are designed to enhance the quality of life for our Veterans as they apply the skills necessary to interrupt the “revolving door” cycle of homelessness, depression, anxiety, loneliness, and addictions. TCHP requires a disciplined lifestyle, which includes AA meetings, house meetings, curfew, education and training, volunteering and job related programs for personal development leading to a resilient self-sufficient lifestyle. MVOC support services involve a house manager, dedicated case manager, counseling, and housing assistance. They also offer application assistance to obtain Massachusetts resident benefits such as Mass Health, food stamps, disability, veteran benefits and a variety of other veteran related support services.

III Housing

The Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center (MVOC) Nichols street property and Central street 2nd floor are both designated as low-income rental units for veterans. There are 19 private studio-style rooms with an open concept living/sleeping space with a fully appliances kitchen and private bath. Shared laundry facilities and parking available. These apartments are for single veterans and eligibility is income-based. Veteran residents are independent and “on their own” but are extended an open invitation to participate in a full array of Veteran related services and programs that are available at the MVOC. These apartments are for single veterans and eligibility is based on income. Owned and managed by MVOC.

IV Transportation

MVOC offers daily transportation to area V.A. Hospitals. This transportation is offered to veterans and their families for medical appointments on an as needed basis. This transportation is subject to a weekly schedule. Departure and return times are based upon the appointment schedule of those using the MVOC’s transportation. The weekly schedule is as follows:

Monday Bedford Tuesday Worcester/ Fitchburg Wednesday Northampton/ Leeds Thursday Worcester/ Fitchburg Friday Boston

V Counseling

MVOC is proud to announce that it once again offers the services of a Staff Mental Health Counselor /Masters Level Therapist. Services offered include but are not limited to: Individual Mental Health Counseling, Stress Management, Relaxation Techniques, PTSD Counseling, Family/ Couples Counseling, and Drug/ Alcohol Counseling.

VI Benefits Advisement & Advocacy

Services offered by Benefits Advisor include but are not limited to…

• Obtaining Military Records & Discharge Paperwork • Requesting Personnel and Medical Records • Discharge Upgrades • Obtaining Service Medals • Unit Research Assistance • Service Connected Disability Compensation Claims • Non-Service Connected Disability Compensation Claims • State Annuities and Bonus for Combat and Disabled Veterans • Food Stamp & Fuel Assistance Application Assistance • Utility Discounts for Disabled Veterans Application Assistance • G.I. Bill, FAFSA, Continued Education Assistance, Applications, and Forms • Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation • Massachusetts Vocational Rehabilitation • Advocacy • Indemnity Compensation for Veteran’s Survivors • Education Benefits for qualified Veteran’s Dependents • VA Life Insurance Programs • VA Health Care Application and Financial Mean Test • Masshealth Application Assistance • Long Term Veteran’s Care • VA Home Loan Eligibility Application • VA Burial and Funeral Application Assistance

VII Community Activities

Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center offers the following activities, at the Central Street location to Veterans throughout the region. • Yoga: Tuesdays at 8AM and the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 5PM • TV: Available daily • Computer Bank: Available daily • Library: Available daily • Common Area (Couches, Coffee, Snacks): Available daily • Holiday Meals and Parties

VIII Referrals

• Drug/ Alcohol Referrals • Employment Referrals • City/ Town Veteran Service Agent Referrals • V.A. Inpatient and Outpatient Registration Referrals • Housing Referrals • Transitional Program Referrals • Low Income Legal and mediation Service Referrals • Department of Transitional Assistance Referrals • Chapter 115 Referrals • WIC, Food Stamp and Fuel Assistance Referrals • Veterans Tax Abatement Referral

IX Outreach

MVOC’s Outreach Coordinator brings the services and resources of the center out into the community. Food pantry boxes, benefits and counseling services are hand delivered to homebound and disabled veterans throughout the region monthly.


The Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center produces annual, semiannual and monthly statistical and census reports for the Department of Veterans Affairs. These reports encompass services offered, duplicated and unduplicated clients served, and transitional program density. Reports are also produced per individual funding-grant rules and regulations.


Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center is primarily grant funding by the Department of Veterans Services. Additional funding is receive via HUD grant and donations.

Governing Law

This MOU shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with the internal laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, without reference to its conflicts of laws principles.


Charles L. Bollinger III X301 Executive Director

Meridith St. George X306 Counselor

Rachel Andler X304 Benefits Advisor

Trudy Dould X302 Outreach Coordinator

Celeste LaPrise X303 Finance Manager

Tony Callis X305 Case Manager Unity House

Max Tuero X309 Case Manager 3rd Floor SRO

Karen Veilleux X300 Receptionist

Robert Sheehan X310 Maintenance Supervisor

Wayne Richard X308 Transportation

Performance Measures - July 1st to December 31st 2009

• 75% of clients served by the MVOC transitional housing programs graduated with full time employment, permanent housing, onto a continuing education or into transitional housing.

• 79% of clients served by MVOC receiving needs assistance support in the forms of food pantry, emergency food services, clothing, etc…

• 839 instances of Veteran and State Benefits counseling/advocacy were provided including but not limited to: Masshealth, VA Health Care, Food Stamps, Fuel Assistance, VA Compensation, VA Pension, Military Record Request, VA Burial & Funeral, VA Home Loan, etc…

The mission of the Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center is to engage and support America’s veterans residing in and around the Montachusett Region in gaining resources via the Department of Veterans Affairs, state of Massachusetts and…

Issue Areas Include

  • Veterans


  • 268 Central Street, Gardner, MA 01440, United States
    Suite A

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