West Philadelphia Cooperative School

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47th and Baltimore Ave.
United States

About Us

Progressive parent-run cooperative preschool in West Philadelphia engages students in play-based, experiential learning. Teachers create opportunities for child-focused and child-led discoveries in learning that develops students' social, emotional, and academic concepts. Teachers structure interactions to help students develop the language necessary to manage conflicts and to express needs and wants. Teachers create a respectful environment that honors and celebrates the individuality of all students. Teachers contribute to a life-learning cooperative environment, considering and working with the needs of the community, parents, students and other staff.

The West Philadelphia Cooperative Preschool began in 2005 as a rotation of a three or four parents providing child-centered learning for our children. Although our membership has grown to more than twenty families and three full-time teachers, our school still depends on the energy and talents of members. Parents complete all administrative and operational tasks associated with the school and function as the school’s decision making body.