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About Us

The David Rockefeller Fund (the Fund) was established in 1989 by David Rockefeller and his wife Peggy to carry out their annual charitable giving in communities where they had homes outside New York City. In 2001, David Rockefeller expanded the Fund and invited his children and grandchildren and their spouses to take a more active role in the Fund with the idea of transferring to them the family’s philanthropic tradition. The DR Fund’s work provides a learning environment where family members are able to engage in dialogue and grant-making around shared topics of interest.

The DR Fund currently has three primary program areas: Arts, Criminal Justice, and Environment. The Arts Program focuses on cultivating, showcasing, and disseminating the stories of innovative art for social change; Criminal Justice supports bold new ideas and policy proposals for transforming U.S. detention and incarceration policies; and Environment supports new ideas, initiatives, and policy breakthroughs in support of bipartisan U.S. climate leadership. Please refer to the website for more detailed information: www.drfund.org.

In addition to the program areas outlined above, the Fund underwrites a number of initiatives designed to encourage family members’ individual philanthropic involvement and interests, as well as collaborative grant-making by the family.

Vision: The DR Fund is a family foundation inspired by the vision and generosity of our founders, David and Peggy Rockefeller, to foster and embody a more just, creative, and flourishing world.


Mission: We invest in catalytic ideas, people, efforts, and institutions working strategically toward ecological regeneration, justice system reform, and art for social impact.