Humanist Watch Liberia

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18 Francis Lane House
United Kingdom

About Us

Humanist Watch Liberia is a nonprofit organization registered under the Law of Liberia. Our aims and objectives are to help our community eradicate the ugly norms effecting us by campaigning for the peaceful way and by organizing the community to work for itself instead of waiting for the government to assist us. Havent Liberia gone through 14 years brutal civil war which destroyed 200.000 lives,forced 15,500 child soldies to take-up arms which are yet to be reunited and reintergrated with both their families and the communities,properties were destroyed,schools and clinics as well, women were raped and civilian were beating and forced out of their homes and human rights, rule of law and the judiciary sysytem has been uprooted, Humanist Watch Liberia founded the need to uplift this systems by advocating and educating civil rights,rule of law and proper governance in the country, first on the grass root basis,wherein we organized community and then to the public sectors in general.

We are operating in nine counties out of the fifteen counties of Liberia for the moment.

Projects We are engaged in the following: water and sanitation, gardening, malaria plants plating, adult literacy, nursery school, rehabilitation of clinics and schools, computer training courses, Internet cafe, door to door health talks as well in schools and human rights advocancy