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JOB POSTING 3rd EyE Youth Empowerment, Inc., a 501(C)3 non-profit organization www.3rdEyEunlimitedcom

Executive Director New Bedford, MA

3rd EyE is currently accepting applications for the Executive Director position.

3rd EyE seeks an experienced, passionate leader to direct the organization’s operations and programs, with a commitment to develop the organization and bring it to heightened levels of capacity and impact. This is a unique opportunity to lead an established organization at the forefront of an artistic movement based in youth engagement and community building.

3rd EyE’s Mission To engage and empower youth, through skills-based mentoring, to transform themselves and their community through music, art, media, events, and organizing.

3rd Eye utilizes hip-hop culture and music as a vehicle to educate, mobilize, and bring our community together. 3rd EyE has an 11-year history of youth development and movement building. Through mentoring within a team-oriented atmosphere, 3rd EyE has given hundreds of youth a sense of purpose and heightened self-esteem. 3rd Eye trains youth in a multitude of practical skills, which they utilize to coordinate community events, and multimedia productions that educate youth about important issues while maintaining a cultural connection. The organization has an inclusive, family-like culture, where youths' and young adults' voices are not just respected, but amplified through recordings, live performances, and media productions. Youth participants learn the process of putting on events through being involved from point A (planning stages) to point Z (execution/hosting of event). Youth are highly involved in creating and shaping the organization's programming, with the goal that they become leaders in their community.

Organizational Accomplishments -3rd EyE has produced 82 successful events over the past 11 years, including the annual 3rd EyE Open Festival, attracting thousands to each. -3rd EyE has produced numerous ground-breaking video and music productions that educate youth about various social issues. -3rd EyE has changed the lives of hundreds of youth who the organization has directly worked with.

Candidate must possess: -Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree -Valid driver’s license -Minimum one-year leadership experience at a youth-based organization or program

Preferred Qualifications & Skills: -Strong management experience -Superb leadership skills -Excellent writing skills including grants, donor appeals, and press releases -Strong oral communication & presentation skills -Computer literacy -Event coordination and logistics -Community outreach -Ability to facilitate and participate in team efforts -Excellent inter-personal skills -Resourcefulness & initiative -Critical thinking and problem solving -Demonstrate sensitivity to individual and collective needs -Skilled at planning, prioritizing, multi-tasking, organizing and following through while maintaining energy and focus

Candidate must bring the following commitments to the position: -Dedication to uphold the vision and mission of 3rd EyE -Willingness and desire to grow an organization in funds, staff, and overall capacity -Ability to utilize his/her existing networks and connections to help the progress of 3rd EyE

-Candidate must have the following beliefs that coincides with the organization’s mission: -A commitment to youth-led decision making and willingness to learn from young people -Passion and belief in social justice and equality -Respect of Hip Hop Culture and its ability to engage, empower, and mobilize younger populations -The belief that all kids are inherently good and therefore reachable by creative means -A commitment to engaging and working with youth and young adults from a variety of communities and backgrounds

Responsibilities: -Lead an established non-profit with ample community ties and tradition -Coordinate programs that fulfill 3rd EyE’s mission -Direct and manage staff, interns and volunteers -Write and research grants, maintaining a thorough funder database -Cultivate individual donors and corporate / organizational sponsors -Organize donor campaigns / funding appeals -Facilitate collaboration and partnerships with other organizations -Coordinate 3rd EyE’s major hip hop-based community festival, the 3rd EyE Open & other events -Create and monitor 3rd EyE’s budget, finances, and fundraising techniques -Work closely with 3rd EyE’s board of directors to govern the organization and support the work through fundraising and program involvement -Prepare written narratives and data reports for required grants in a timely manner -Evaluate progress through measurable outcomes -Market the organization and its programs -Build and maintain strong, trusting relationships with 3rd EyE’s youth, staff and volunteers -Mentor young people in a productive atmosphere -Present clear, effective oral & written presentations to stakeholders & potential supporters -Other related duties necessary to anchor the organization’s progress

Salary: The salary for this position is based on experience & ranges from $35,000 to $40,000 with flexible benefits.

Application: Persons interested in being considered for the Executive Director should submit a written statement of interest, resume, and references. Materials should be submitted electronically by May 1, 2011, to: Lauren Lamontagne Board Secretary Date of posting: February 1, 2011

3rd EyE Youth Empowerment, Inc., a 501(C)3 non-profit organization 28 Union St. New Bedford, MA 02740 508-910-

JOB POSTING 3rd EyE Youth Empowerment, Inc., a 501(C)3 non-profit organization www.3rdEyEunlimitedcom

Executive Director New Bedford, MA

3rd EyE is currently accepting applications for the Executive Director position.

3rd EyE seeks an…

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  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Entrepreneurship
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  • Sports & Recreation


  • 28 Union Street
    New Bedford, MA 02740

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