College of Mount Saint Vincent

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About Us

The College of Saint Vincent provides to qualified, motivated students an excellent values-oriented education rooted in its Catholic heritage and in the liberal arts tradition. The College requires of all its students a common core of learning experiences as well as specialization in a major field that will permit them to attain their academic, career, and personal goals. Recognizing the ability and dignity of each person, the College teaches students to think critically, to develop self-respect and self-discipline, and to make informed choices which will affect positively their own lives and the world in which they live. Students who graduate from the College are prepared for a variety of careers and professions and for responsible leadership in their fields. To achieve these ends, the College undertakes: 1. to offer an integrated liberal arts program; 2. to afford an education environment of open inquiry into truth; 3. to encourage students to think critically and constructively so that they constantly strengthen their abilities to identify academic and personal problems, and to make judgments on problems of professional development; 4. to develop self-confident, informed, concerned individuals who possess convictions of self-worth and purpose and respect for humanity; 5. to provide a climate of appreciation for religious and spiritual values where students may form strong and enduring value systems based on integrity and respect for the rights of others; 6. to foster in students respect for the views of others through opportunities to investigate various systems and cultures; 7. to alert students to needs in the community and the world at large and to promote a spirit of service; 8. to infuse students with a sense of responsibility for their world and a practical urgency to be influences for good.

We are a private independent liberal arts college in the Bronx, New York with over 1400 undergraduate and graduate students. The College is legendary. Founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1847 as an academy for women, we became incorporated as a four-year college in 1910, and became coeducational in 1974. Generations of prior graduates have passed through its doors and been educated to provide valuable service to the area as nurses, health practitioners, teachers, scientists, scholars, researchers, civic leaders, educators, parents and good citizens. The College’s mission now, as before, is to provide a high-quality liberal arts education in the Catholic tradition and many first and second-generation college students. We offer a strong values-based course of study with programs leading to associate, bachelors and masters degrees

Our 70-acre historic campus, which overlooks the Hudson River, is an urban oasis of verdant lawns and designated NYC landmarks. Our location-11 miles from Manhattan-offers unique cultural, social and academic opportunities to its students. And our innovative core curriculum provides each student with a solid foundation of knowledge and an appreciation of social, moral and religious values. Mount Saint Vincent also has a unique cooperative program with nearby Manhattan College, with enhanced curricular opportunities for students of both institutions.

The Goal of a Vincentian Higher Education commits one to fostering respect for the whole person, promoting moral, ethical, aesthetic and religious values, excellence, truth and integrity and a development of a world view.