Smart Eco Park

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About Us

SMART Eco Park is a unique state of the art, interactive learning studio for children. 


Smart is a not for profit organization based in India. With 8 years of work, it has converted 20 acres of barren land situated near Mumbai into a rich bio diverse eco park for children.

Launched in 2012, Smart Park provides a unique interactive learning studio for developing solutions to global problems on environment and peace, for 3-18 year old children from all over the world.

Features of the Park

World-class design and operational facilities include:

  • Information Centre made from recycled containers to provide information on ecological issues
  • Education Centre to learn about current environmental challenges such as global warming
  • Discovery Centre for learning about future technologies related to energy use and generation
  • Clean energy zones with working wind and solar energy generation to demonstrate practical application of clean energy solutions
  • Medicinal forest for learning about the healing power of nature and natural remedies
  • Global Citizens Zone to learn the essence of peaceful coexistence with each other and nature
  • Rainwater harvesting tanks to demonstrate earth water tablet recharging methods
  • Yoga and Meditation Centre to acquire skills to be in harmony with the outside world and internal energy balance
  • An animal shed with purebred Gir cows to understand the importance of the cow in Indian culture and to house rescued animals
  • 2 amphitheatres to perform plays for spreading awareness on ecological and cultural issues

Smart Park provides in a fun and interactive way, special skills that children will need in the next 50 years such as the ability to be a global citizen, have strong inner values, be sustainable and be at peace with nature and each other.

What makes SMART unique?

  • A not - for - profit initiative
  • First of its kind progressive learning studio in India based in an eco sensitive zone
  • Creation of a complete ecosystem from a barren piece of land
  • Architecture of the park depicts the diverse culture of India
  • The key focus is to impart an enriching experience to the target audiences and not making any profits
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to learning
  • Cutting edge educational programs to deliver 21st Century skill sets to the target audiences
  • World Class Facilities and an incomparable experience
  • First Global Warming Simulator in the world
  • Unique program to learn about world peace
  • Global Commendation as the 'CSR Program of the Year' by Legal Business Awards in 2010

A unique opportunity for volunteers to help change the lives of a generation of children