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About Us

Major goals of the association: · Development and approval of the basic values of the people society through education, science and culture. · To maintain and to increase the intellectual and spiritual status of the Bulgarian society. · To back up and develop the contacts and to give popularity to the achievements of the Bulgarian people of art in their home country and in others countries in the fields of education, culture and science. · To assist the development of the revival of the basic Bulgarian value. · To assist social integration and personal orientation of the people in unequivalent social condition and disapleds in the field of education, science and culture.

For the achievement of these goals NF API uses different approaches and instruments: · The carrying out of concerts, exhibitions, competitions and festivals. · The carrying out of discussions, seminars and lectures. · The carrying out of wide educational programs and publishing activities. · Participation in the initiatives of other nongovernmental organizations, as well as in the governmental ones’, that work along these lines, too. · The fulfillment of international exchange, activities, and co-operation with related organizations in the country and abroad.