MACSC and Housing, Inc.

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2626 S. Loop W.
Suite 263
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About Us

The mission of MACSC & Housing, Inc. is to revitalize economically distressed communities in Houston. The ultimate goal is for the residents to be self-sufficient and obtain independence through financial stability. MACSC has taken an exciting and innovative initiative in the realm of community development, by combining our KINA Affordable Housing Program, Work-Experience Internship, and Youth Prevention Program. As an emerging non-profit organization, we believe in the importance of community, and not just from a traditional housing standpoint. Our goals are to educate individuals in developing basic life skills, focusing mostly on at-risk students and low income families. The task is to teach on-the-job training, create jobs for the unemployed, and inform these individuals about available home ownership opportunities. All of our services at MACSC are designed to help educate, increase average incomes, and produce homeowners; our motto “Reach to Teach, One Family at a Time.”