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About Us

Youth for Understanding is a leader in student exchange with more than 225,000 students participating in international exchange programs since 1951. YFU USA is part of a global exchange network of over 60 partner organizations around the world and with nearly 1,400 YFU representatives in communities across the United States.


Youth For Understanding (YFU) prepares young people for their responsibilities and opportunities in a changing, interdependent world.

Volunteer Roles: Please sign-up and join YFU as a Volunteer and explore the possibilites!

Volunteer Host Family: Volunteer to host an international exchange student from 1 of 62 YFU partner countries. The student becomes an additional member of your family and attends your local high school. Teenagers of Volunteer Host Families also receive tuition awards to join YFU’s American Overseas, study abroad program.

Area Representatives (AR): Perform general tasks as requested by the Area Coordinator or Field Director. This position supports one or two international students, host families and high schools. The AR serves as an unbiased advocate for the student, and offers guidance and support to the student, family and school, through regular contact with each participant.

American Overseas (AO) Volunteers & International Student (IS) Volunteers: Perform various tasks related to the AO and IS student programs. These can include some or all of the following: AO & IS student recruitment, presentations, interviews, orientations, support, or administrative assistance.

Join YFU Today: To sign up as an AO or IS Volunteer please complete your application at learn more about YFU and start your Volunteer Host Family application please visit