Boston Microfinance Club

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About Us

The Boston Microfinance Club (BMC) provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas about microfinance. The goal of the BMC is to promote interest in the microfinance sector and provide opportunities for microfinance practitioners to discuss recent and relevant issues. Given the strong, and growing, interest in microfinance within the Boston region, the BMC will bring together the various segments of Boston’s microfinance industry to participate locally in discussions and share ideas on topics specific to microfinance.

The Boston Microfinance Club is an inclusive club, creating an umbrella organization to connect the institutions and individuals in the greater Boston area interested in microfinance. The BMC is committed to providing a high quality forum for exchange, focusing on the quality of participation over quantity. The BMC provides opportunities for local experts to convene and network, simultaneously spreading knowledge and expertise to promote understanding, and stimulating interest in the microfinance industry around Boston.

Boston’s Microfinance Club is vested in Boston and aims to be an enduring club that is efficiently organized and managed by professionals committed to the field of microfinance in Boston. BMC offers benefits to participants with varying levels of interest and expertise in microfinance, from seasoned microfinance professionals to those interested in learning how they might get involved in the field.

Participation and involvement with the BMC will offer high visibility opportunities to network and interact with Boston’s microfinance community. It will also provide an opportunity for individuals interested in microfinance to volunteer for a good cause and give back to their local community. Finally, the BMC will offer a mentorship program for young professionals seeking advice and guidance on how to navigate and craft a career within Boston microfinance sector.

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