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About Us


  • To alter the mindset and galvanize the energies of youth towards hard work, leadership and the power of synergy.
  • To proactively engage in research/documentation, policy & decision making processes, networking as well as encourage interaction and constructive debate in the wider society.
  • To promote social Responsibility & environmental sustainability in Nigeria.


  • To remodel the behavioral pattern of the youth & children.
  • To discover the children and youth talent
  • To improve the quality of life via education & training of youth
  • To be a mouth piece for children, youth & woman using media as a tool.
  • To enhance youth development by engaging them in projects which can develop & empower them to become responsible, productive & effective leader
  • To promote & develop initiatives that help young people to be entrepreneurs & productive member in society
  • To generate knowledge sharing and training of youth activist and entrepreneurs with focus on the local, national and international levels.


  • To tackle public heath sector problems at grass roots.
  • To engage in campaign against child, girl child, woman & general human right abuses.
  • To create a world where youth is empowered to contribute to issues concerning them and are inspired to by other young people mentorship programs.
  • To invest in the future of the young people through entrepreneurship.
  • To create a world where young people benefit from & participate in the development agenda at the local, national and international levels.
  • We are dreaming of a world where every child has access to quality education and training with his or her ability.
  • A world where a youth is free from exploitation and abuse.
  • A world where a youth / child has hope for future.
  • A world where women are empower to be the mentor of their children.
  • A world where every youth will discover his potential and work on it, thereby position him/her better for future.
  • A world where their would be steady economic growth & democracy.


  • Youth Entrepreneurship, Employment and Empowerment project.
  • Youth Advocacy & capacity Development.
  • Youth participation in community development.
  • Youth and Educational Development hinged on Innovation & technology.
  • Project management and consulting Responsibilities along the lines of our core areas of expertise
  • Product Based Research, content Creation, Sharing and Management.


We will make drastic and indelible changes to the society at large. We are that change that you have been dreaming of.